Marnie and Kal from 'Halloweentown' are Dating In Real Life

OMG! Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz are dating IRL! Why is this the most important news you'll read all day? Oh, you know, only because these two played sworn enemies in Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge! While Brown and Kountz haven't officially confirmed their romance, one scroll through Marnie's Instagram feed - excuse me, Kimberly J. Brown's Instagram feed  - makes it pretty clear she's in a relationship with her former Halloweentown co-star. From adorable selfies to straight up kissing pics, these two are definitely all loved up. 

It doesn't appear that this is a new relationship, either. Brown has been sharing pictures of the two of them for some time now. All us foolish mortals only caught on when she posted a picture of them locking lips in celebration of International Kissing Day. "I'll just leave this right here then," she captioned the photo with a SMIRKING EMOJI! She knew what she was doing! 


Even though it's been twelve years since the last (and most blasphemous) Halloweentown movie came out (they recast Kimberly J. Brown! How dare they!), the franchise is still one of Disney Channel's most beloved classics. The films are still played frequently around Halloween on Disney Channel to this day. Instead of fading away like many of its Disney Channel counterparts, Halloweentown has continued to gain new fans over the years...which is why everybody is so excited about the news of this romance. 


Brown and Kountz have been busy, too. They've traveled to Portland! They go to weddings! They dress up for Halloween together! They went to wine country! They even take purposefully awkward Christmas card photos! 


Cosmopolitan reports that Brown and Kountz's romance might have started back in May 2016 when Kountz reprised his role as Kal for her vlog. They created a comedy sketch called "Realm Are They Now?," where "Kal" talks about his life after being banished by the Cromwell family. So cute! 


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