Police Shocked After Murderer Turns Himself In... 32 Years Later


It took 32 years, but the murder of Russell Haines has finally been solved. Police in Kelso, Washington were shocked when 58-year-old Glenn Adams walked into the Cowlitz County Hall of Justice and confessed to the 1986 murder. 

Haines was strangled to death in his hotel room in what police believed was a robbery. Adams confirmed their theory and claimed he attacked Haines because he knew he had a large amount of cash. He told the cops that he jumped Haines when he returned from the grocery store and put him a chokehold until he was unconscious. When Haines began to wake up, Adams tied a cloth around his neck and choked him until he died. He then left the room with around $400 in cash and didn't leave any evidence linking him to the murder. 

“Thirty years in the making, it got solved relatively easily,” Sergeant Chris Blanchard, a spokesperson for Longview Police Department, told KATU News. “We didn’t have any suspects that had sufficient evidence to charge at that point. The case was cold for the last 30 years.”

Photo: Cowlitz County Jail


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