Get Ready for the "Valentines Day Tree"

This is totally a cute idea and if you still haven't taken down your Christmas tree... Well, my friend you have no judgment here for keeping it up. Just take the decorations down and put up Valentines Day decorations! Oh, and 'Valentines Day Trees' are totally a thing!

You could probably do one for all of the seasons! I'm thinking like you could go from Christmas to Valentines Day to St. Patrick's Day, to Spring time with Sunflowers and then Fourth of July and then Halloween decorations! That's if you're willing to keep your Christmas Tree up year round... IF you have a FAKE tree that is!

From Totally The Bomb:

You start with the tree. You can get abright pink Valentine’s tree— or you can just use your Christmas tree, and decorate it for this holiday of love. The second choice is better for me — less Christmas cleanup is always a good thing! Ha!
Then you grab your pink, red, and whitedecorations. I also like to use purple — because it’spurple.
You can totally recycle your big red and white Christmas ball ornaments, and string up white and pink lights.

See below for a couple of ideas The Blue Goose Events and Christmas Past Official on Instagram...

Photo Cred: Totally The Bomb




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